What do you think about the following OnHandSupply.com firsts for ANSI pump parts? Please, let us know. This site's for you!

  • First to offer 1-2 day ground delivery across the US from our 5 fully stocked warehouses
  • First to offer phone and delivery service nationwide 24/7/365
  • First to label boxes in four corners for easy stocking, counting and finding
  • First to offer all parts with foam-in-place protection with double-wall corrugated cartons
  • First to offer a "Courtesy Hold" on the Internet
  • First to offer bar and QR codes on four sides of the cartons
  • First to indelibly cast or etch sizes and materials on the parts. No tags or labels to lose!
  • First to show your price without pin and password or "We'll get back to you."
  • First to show shipping costs from five regional warehouses.

As far as we know, we're the ONLY company offering these benefits...until others try to copy us.

That's okay. By the time that happens, we'll be on OnHandSupply.com Version 2.0. We're already working on it.

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