Call Us!

Do you dread having to call your credit card company or the driver’s license bureau? How about calling your present suppliers? We bet some are responsive. Others will “have to get back to you.” They have to call their suppliers who sometimes have to call them back.

We did everything we knew, could think of or learned from our customers and website advisors to make the (OHS) website easy, friendly and effective and we aren’t going to stop trying to make it even better.

But, if you want to or need to call…call us at 250-240-6144. You’ll find friendly, knowledgeable and empowered people. OHS may be a new name but we want your experience to be the same as if you were dealing with a long-time friendly supplier.

OHS is not run by lawyers or “bean counters”. We’re have decades of experience in both industrial distribution and industrial manufacturing. We’re business people, too. We’re spending money on a great website, industry leading packaging and parts identification; even our serial plate is better. We’re doing these things because in the long run, it’s good for all involved and we’re not thinking short-term.

We recognize that many of us are not whiz-bang computer experts. We’re glad to help with our telephone support. And, if there are more services you want, let us know. Use the “Contact Us” or “E-Mail” sections, join the OHS advisory board or …call us at 250-240-6144.

 Need help? +1 250 240 6144