Positive Online User Experience Features

Positive Online Experience

PINS! Passwords! Different password rules site to site. Change them every 90 days. What? You’re not the “Authorized” contact? Go away! Who has time for all this? OnHandSupply.com (OHS) is our bat and ball, so we made the rules, uh, rule. There’s only one.

“Make the User Experience (UX) so intuitive, so easy and so effective that customers demand to do business with OHS.”

Here’s the partial list:

  1. NO PINS or passwords to access our site. We’re not concerned if “they” peek; we want to make it easy for you. For delivery information we need a zip code.
  2. ANSI pump parts 3-Hour courtesy hold. If you don’t have the authority to release an order, we’ll hold the part(s) for you for three hours, time to reach someone in who can.
  3. Freight info for ground and air delivery for ANSI pump parts shown right up front, right now, no “We’ll get back to you.”
  4. Just call 24/7/365 for emergencies. Our telephone support team is knowledgeable and empowered.
  5. We will show you all the names an item is called to reduce the chance of accidentally ordering an incorrect part. We’ll show you pictures, too.

Is there something else that you need? Please use the “E-mail” or “Comments” sections or call us. Join the OHS Advisory Board and help us develop more benefits for you and your organization.

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