Who has time to waste these days? In fact, who has enough time to do their work today? (OHS) wants you to demand to do business with us by making your experience with us legendary. OHS makes it easy for you to check our inventory quantities and locations without a PIN or password. If you log in, you can see prices for the items you want and delivery options and prices, too. And we won’t insult you by charging a premium to ship in a week or two.

We know what downtime costs. In an emergency, just call 250-240-6144. On our website you can even click a button and get a three-hour “Courtesy Hold” if you are not ready to order or are not authorized to order.

We will continue to add features that you value. To do so, we need to hear from you. Call or e-mail OHS or join the OHS Advisory Board.

 Need help? +1 250 240 6144