(Why we say we're "good.")

Maybe we should call this category GREAT. Scan the list below and see if you agree. Let us know what else you want, too. We’re listening.

  1. First on our list, and maybe your list, is maintaining the consistent, high quality of every ANSI pump part we offer. Every replacement part OnHandSupply.com offers comes from one vertically integrated factory. This means that all the engineering, foundry work, machining, assembly, testing and service work comes from one source insuring both great and consistent quality. Whether it’s an investment-cast impeller or a CNC machined sleeve and whether it is going in an OnHandSupply.com pump or a Goulds 3196, Summit 2196, Griswold 311 or other brand, it will have the fit, finish and metallurgy you expect.
  2. All cast parts up to 44 pounds are investment cast. This includes casings, adapters, bearing housings, rear covers and impellers. This means proper, uniform wall thickness that prevents start-up and short-term leaks. Smoother, investment-cast impellers and casings reduce energy consumption by reducing turbulence.
  3. Cast parts have their size cast in and their material etched in. No tags or labels to lose. This is critical for Process Safety Management.
  4. Packaging is first-class. Every part is individually packaged in a double wall thickness white corrugated cardboard boxes and foamed-in-place. Boxes are taped for security and stapled, not glued together. Labels are in four corners for easy receiving, shelving, inventorying and retrieval. OnHandSupply.com does this for all parts, not just the small one. Even complete power ends are packaged this way.
  5. Our labels include the part name, the part number, the size and the material plus both bar and QR codes. Future shipments will even have the exact metallurgical analysis imbedded in the QR code.
  6. Bare pumps and complete pump assemblies can be crated for full transit protection. If you prefer that they just be palletized, the flanges will be protected. No short-cuts that kick the can of potential damage issues to you.
  7. Impeller gaskets are included, so you are ready-to-go.
  8. All impellers are dynamically balanced whether they are full-sized or trimmed. This is critical for an overhung impeller design pump.
  9. Casings have ports for draining and monitoring temperature and pressure and/or for environmental controls. Ports are sealed with 316SS NPT plugs and PTFE tape.
  10. Bare pumps and pump assemblies will have their endplay, runout, concentricity and clearances checked with custom-made, dedicated tools to insure proper performance.


(Why we say we're "fast.")

Think of OnHandSupply.com as your nation-wide vending machine for ANSI parts and pumps.

  1. Fast means you can go to OnHandSupply.com 24/7/365 and see your prices for replacement pump parts and even your delivery prices with all your options…without the dreaded PINS or passwords.
  2. Fast means 24/7/365 telephone access for emergencies or questions. Just call (844) 304-4647.
  3. Fast means evening and weekend access within two hours to the pump parts you need at any of the OnHandSupply.com warehouses…24/7/365. (There is a $200 break-in fee for this service.)
  4. And, thanks to our five stocked regional warehouses, fast means our NORMAL delivery is 1-2 days ground to almost the entire lower 48 states (see the map). For emergencies we can move even faster with couriers, next flight out service and more.
  5. Fast means we will normally trim and balance an impeller and ship it the same day!
  6. Fast means we will build bare pumps and complete pump assemblies as fast as anyone in the business to benefit your business. OnHandSupply.com means business…for your benefit.


(Why we say we're "affordable.")

  1. Right up front, on the “price” side, we make sure we’re as competitive as anyone. OnHandSupply.com is the first provider of ANSI pump parts and pumps to display prices right on the Internet with no PINs or passwords required. It’s easy to compare. It’s the way it should be. We don’t play the “We’ll get back to you in a day or three” game. We’re immediate and completely transparent.
  2. In addition, we show you the costs for all your normal freight options. Right up front, the way you want it. Fuzzy freight costs are an opportunity for others to pad the bill.
  3. And we’ll put our total-cost-of-ownership (life-cycle-cost) up against anyone. OnHandSupply.com was designed and built from the ground up to be affordable by driving out waste such as eliminating middle-men who add no value. We are efficient because we shortened the supply chain; one factory to stocking regional warehouses to you. We are effective because we use a combination of people and technology to streamline the process. Yet, we didn’t skimp on quality, packaging, parts identifying and more. In fact, no one protects and identifies ANSI pump parts like OHS. And, our inventory can help you reduce your inventory. Our customers tell us that saves them 30-40% a year on their spare parts carrying costs because we have it and you can get it fast.
  4. Would our two-year return policy save you money? We’ll give a full credit without restocking charges for two full years from Invoice date for undamaged, unused, unmodified, resellable parts that you purchased from OnHandSupply.com. Does your present supplier of ANSI parts offer that?
  5. We have other cost reduction tools, too. Call us about consignment, annual business benefits and especially multi-location business benefits.


(Why we say we're "easy.")

  1.  OnHandSupply.com made it easy for you to see your prices for replacement ANSI pump parts and for you to see your delivery options and prices 24/7/365 without PINS or passwords. OnHandSupply.com was designed and built over a three-year period starting from a blank piece of paper that got filled (a few times over) with what folks like you did not like about today’s industrial supply chain. That’s why we have so many “First for You” benefits in the ANSI parts and pump market segment.
  2. Easy is having real people available for you on the telephone 24/7/365. Have an emergency or questions? Just call 1-844-304-4647. We call this “People-net”, a blend of technology and people to be so easy to work with that you to want to demand to do business with us.
  3. Uncertain whether to put something into stock or not? We make that decision easier for you by offering a two-year return privilege with no restocking charges for undamaged, unused, unmodified, resellable parts that you purchased from OnHandSupply.com.
  4. Plant down but you can’t buy what you need? Let OnHandSupply.com ease a brick out of your backpack. You’re welcome to use our three-hour courtesy hold. Reserve one or more parts and they’re held for you for three hours if you need approval to purchase. Just like the old days but on the Internet. This is another OnHandSupply.com “First for You” benefit.
  5. Labels and tags fall off, even ours. That doesn’t make life easier for you. With labels on four sides our ANSI pump parts are easy to receive, shelve, inventory and find. And, most parts have their size and material cast or etched right in.
  6. Our double wall, white corrugated boxes with the parts foamed-in-place stack flat and come with bar and QR codes on the labels on four sides. This makes automated receiving and storage easy.
  7. OnHandSupply.com has an Advisory Board. The Board is open to all, so we can actively listen to what you want, what you need, and even what you don’t like or want so we can continue to earn your business. We already offer many “First for You” benefits in the SANSI pumps and parts market segment but we’re far from done. We’re working towards “legendary”. We can’t get there by assuming what is important to you. Please let us know.
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