Maybe we should call this category GREAT. Scan the list below and let us know what you think. Let us know what else you want, too. We’re listening.

  1. First of all, every part comes from just one vertically integrated factory. This means the engineering, foundry, machining, assembly, testing and service will be from one company insuring consistent great quality.
  2. All cast parts up to 44 pounds are investment cast. This means proper, uniform wall thicknesses that prevent start-up and short-term leaks. Smoother, investment-cast parts reduce energy consumption by reducing turbulence.
  3. Cast parts have their size cast in and their material etched in. No tags or labels to lose.
  4. Packaging is first-class. Double wall thickness corrugated cardboard boxes with foam-in-place. Boxes are taped for security and stapled, not glued together. Labels are in four corners for easy receiving, shelving, inventorying and retrieval. does this for all parts, not just the small one. Even complete power ends are packaged this way, plus they are banded.
  5. Our labels include the name, part number, size and material plus both bar and QR codes. Future shipments will have the exact metallurgical analysis imbedded in the QR code.
  6. Bare pumps and complete pump assemblies can be crated for full transit protection. If you prefer that they just be palletized, the flanges will be protected. No short-cuts that kick the can of problems to you.
  7. Impeller gaskets are included, so you are ready-to-go.
  8. All impellers are dynamically balanced whether they are full-sized or trimmed.
  9. Casings have ports for draining and monitoring temperature and pressure and/or for environmental controls. Ports are sealed with 316SS NPT plugs and PTFE tape.

Bare pumps and pump assemblies will have their endplay, runout, concentricity and clearances checked with custom-made, dedicated tools to insure proper performance.

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