FDA Packing Applications for ANSI Pumps

Some applications for ANSI pumps call for packing. Some applications in the food/beverage/dairy/pharma market segments require an FDA packing. The FDA doesn’t approve finished products. The agency only approves the materials that go into the product and the cleanliness of the process that produced it.

The FDA packing that OnHandSupply.com offers is a pure PTFE filament lubricated with a proprietary lubrication that satisfies FDA requirements. It can handle shaft speeds to 1200 feet per minute (FPM), temperatures to 500 degrees F (260 degrees C) and pH ranges from 0-14. It is white in color.

All PTFE packings have a tendency to glaze when they get too hot. This turns the material almost rock-hard and makes it more prone to damage shafts and sleeves it spins against. OnHandSupply.com suggests that FDA packing should be adjusted slowly and allowed to drip one drop every few seconds.

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