The ANSI Pump “Extender” Mechanical Seal-Adding Pump Life

Replacement ANSI Pump Parts

There are pump applications where a double seal is recommended. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • If your process fluid is toxic, explosive, dangerous or carcinogenic.
  • If your process fluid has no lubricating properties, like hot water.
  • For top-entry mixers.
  • To maintain a strong vacuum.

Double seals require infrastructure that could include a seal pot, a heat exchanger or even an additional circulation pump.

The remaining applications can be served by a single seal. Single seals can require environmental controls as well. Single seals can fail with little or no notice forcing you to pull the pump immediately for a catastrophic failure or sooner than you would like if the leak is livable. This is a problem as old as mechanical seals themselves. We have a solution for you to consider.

For single seal applications, let us provide “The Extender”. This is a double cartridge seal that requires no additional support infrastructure. The inner seal acts like a standard single cartridge seal. However, the outer seal is designed to run dry indefinitely. Yes, indefinitely. If the inner seal fails, a pressure gauge in the barrier area will alert you. Then the outer seal buys you time to schedule the pump for maintenance at a time more convenient for you and your production requirements. Does this insurance cost double the price of a single cartridge seal? No. 50% more? No. Look up the price for the size you need and whether you have a standard bore or a big bore stuffing box and see for yourself.

How do we do this? Well, almost 40 years in the mechanical seal business helps. Also, we buy in large quantities. What we don’t have are master distributors, distributors, resellers, reps, agents, regional managers and the rest. If we can remove the “gotta-fix-it-now” brick out of your backpack, we’ll be as happy as you would be. 

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