1. You can see your parts prices and delivery options and prices 24/7/365 without PINS or passwords.
  2. You have real people available to you on the telephone 24/7/365.
  3. We offer a two-year return privilege with no restocking charges for undamaged, unused, unmodified, resellable parts that you purchased from OnHandSupply.com.
  4. You are welcome to use our three-hour courtesy hold. Reserve a part or parts and they are yours for three hours if you need approval to purchase. Just like the old days but on the Internet.
  5. With labels on four sides our products are easy to receive, shelve, inventory and find.
  6. Bar and QR codes make automated receiving ready-to-go.
  7. OnHandSupply.com has an Advisory Board so we can actively listen to what you want, what you need, and even what you don’t like or want.
  8. We offer many “First for You” in this market segment but we’re far from done. We’re working towards “legendary”. We can’t get there without knowing how to get bricks out of your backpack.
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