Complete Pump Assemblies

Here at, a complete pump assembly contains the bare pump, the motor, the base, the coupling with coupling guard. Options include mechanical seals and packing. Other options include seal pots and piping for various mechanical seal environmental control plans.

The bare pump is described above but is basically the stand-alone pumping unit. We need to know whether you want a solid 316 stainless steel shaft or a 4140 steel shaft that comes with a 316 stainless steel sleeve. In addition, we need to know whether you want genuine Inpro bearing protectors installed or oil seals or nothing, so you can install your own.

Our standard couplings for complete pump assemblies are Dodge D-Flex. offers a number of choices if you want your complete ANSI pump assembly packed. We offer FDA packing for food/beverage/dairy applications. We have carbon-filled PTFE packing for excellent broad range applications. We have pump packing for higher temperature applications and Aramid packings for abrasive service.

You can get your complete ANSI pump assembly fitted with mechanical seals. Our standard mechanical seals are single or double, balanced O-ring, cartridge type. You can get a variety of face materials including carbon, silicon-carbide and tungsten-carbide. You have a choice of elastomer (O-ring) materials based on your exact application. These include our standard Aflas, Viton, EPR or Kalrez. Our double mechanical seals can be arranged back-to-back for barrier fluid pressures that are higher than normal stuffing box pressures or in a tandem arrangement for barrier fluid pressures that are designed to be lower than normal stuffing box pressures. has introduced the concept of “The Extender” mechanical cartridge seal. This is a double mechanical seal priced only slightly higher than a standard single mechanical seal that acts like a simple single mechanical seal. It requires no cooling pot, piping infrastructure or barrier fluid. However, when the inner seal fails, you are notified by a rise in the barrier area of the seal and the outer seal buys you time to schedule service work on your pump at a time more convenient for your manpower and production scheduling. Another first for

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