Cavitation in ANSI Pumps

There’s a war going on and it’s inside your ANSI pumps. Our own pumps, as well as Goulds 3196, Griswold 811, Summit 2196 and many other brands require a fully flooded suction. In fact, the instructions require 20 inches of full sized piping right before the suction. Yet, most pumps have elbows, filters, valves, reducers and other piping products right at suction. This causes turbulence, just like the white water on a river. The white water is air captured and entrained in the flow. When the air enters the casing (volute), it collapses or implodes with the same force and energy of an explosion of the same amount of matter.

This cavitation creates pockets of destruction in metal parts, knocks seals and bearings out of alignment and further lowers the ANSI pump’s efficiency. urges plants installing ANSI pumps to follow the installation instructions provided for the lowest possible operating costs.

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