STX Casing, 1.5x3-6, CF8M
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Casing, 1.5x3-6, CF8M

Casing, 1.5x3-6, CF8M

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Casing, 1.5x3-6, CF8M

Lenexa, Kansas Yes 4 $795.00
OHS Part # 22-CSSB-CF
Weight (lbs) 39.6000
ANSI pump size 1.5X3-6
Diameter 6"
Material CF8M
Goulds Part # 104-555-1203
Griswold Part # 21299-01-91
Summit Part # 96S100B
Casing, 1.5x3-6, CF8M
Our ANSI casing parts up to 44 pounds are investment cast.
Investment castings are closer to the final size reducing machining. They have smoother surfaces instead of rough sand-cast surfaces that create energy robbing turbulence and cause destructive cavitation. The OHS casing flow is smoother and is efficient.
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