Oil for your ANSI Pump

If you plan to oil lubricate your pump, it is important to select the proper oil. Using the right oil for the job can extend the life of your bearings and prevent unexpected down time.

So what oil should you use for your pump? In most cases, you'll want a high quality turbine oil with ISO viscosity grade of 68. This viscosity level covers the majority of normal operational conditions in which bearing temperatures run between 120°F (50°C) and 180°F (82°C). For higher temperatures, consider ISO grade 100.

Turbine oil contains rust and oxidation inhibiting additives which help extend the life of the pump. Do not use other types of oils like the ones you can find for the auto industry. Their formulation are not designed for pumps and can negatively impact your bearing life.

Most pump manufacturers will list the recommended oil brands in their IOM (installation, Operation, Maintenance manual). Here are a few recommended by the industry:

Brand Model
Chevron GTS Oil 68
Exxon Teresstic 68 or NUTO H68
Mobil Mobil DTE 26 300 SSU @ 100°F (38°C)
Philips Mangus Oil 315
Shell Tellus Oil 68
Sunoco Sunvis 968
Royal Purple SYNFILM ISO VG 68 Synthetic Lube

Do a local search for "oil distributors" in your area, who may stock some of these brands.