ANSI Pump Serial Plates

Serial Plates
“From the Serial Plate to the Delivery Date, Better Parts, Better Pumps.”

We’ve been in the industrial distribution market segment long enough to remember when the decision was made to attach serial plates with just two rivets instead of four. You know why. Somebody saved a few pennies on their end and since then hanging and missing serial plates have plagued plants. says, “No more.

Our serial plates will have four rivets. Yes, it’s a big deal. If we’re paying this much attention to the serial plate, imagine the energy, time and money we have expended to insure that the only thing we took out of the route-to-market was waste not quality.

This also lets us say, “From the serial plate to the delivery date, better parts, better pumps!”

In addition, we’re running a side-by-side long-term test of laser etched serial plates. With our laser we can produce larger, easier-to-read letters, numbers and symbols compared to the traditional “dog tag” serial plates. We just want to be sure that the longevity is there. We understand the law of unintended consequences where you change one variable to improve or fix something but lose on the other end. We just wanted you to know that we continue to look for ways to make ANSI parts and pumps better, faster and cheaper.

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