ANSI PUMPS AND PARTS - Correct and Undamaged

Correct and Undamaged

Oops, you didn’t receive the correct ANSI pump part probably because the pump industry has multiple and conflicting names for the same item. Is it a Casing or a Volute? Is it a Rear Cover or a Stuffing Box? Is it a Frame, a Distance Piece or an Adapter? Yes, it’s confusing.   

Most ANSI manufacturers refer to the part that houses the bearings as the “Bearing Housing.” Makes sense to us. But, another company decided to call it the “Bearing Frame” and they refer to the Bearing Housing Rear Cap as the “Bearing Housing.” We don’t like that either.

Now, you have the wrong part in your hands and, worse, you don’t have the right part. Who has time for this? Here’s what (OHS) has done to reduce the chance of you getting the wrong part.

Whenever possible, we show all the alternative names for the item and a picture or drawing of the item. We provide bar codes and QR codes on four sides of the box. You might lose a label or two but not four. We etch the parts with the material code such as “CD4Mu” or “CF8M”. No doubts, no tests required.

Oops, the bare Casing (Volute), bare pump or complete pump assembly you need arrived strapped to a pallet and damaged. Darn those forks on the lift trucks. Now, you have a hassle with the transportation company. We don’t like that either. Here’s what OHS has done to reduce the chance of you getting a damaged part.

All ANSI pump parts are foamed-in-place inside double wall, white corrugated and taped cardboard boxes, even those ungainly casings (volutes). Bare pump assemblies will have pallet collars or crates around them. Others ship casings to you unprotected. We won’t. Not just in your hands when you need it but correct and undamaged.

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