Continuous Manufacturing

The OHS ANSI pumps and parts we offer are produced by continuous manufacturing. Others make a batch of product, stand down for an indefinite amount of time and then re-gear up to make some more.

This start and stop approach can cause uneven quality because of the new learning curve. In addition it is inefficient leading to ever spiraling costs and eventually higher prices. The third concern is that delivery can be months when usage is uncertain.

OHS uses continuous manufacturing. The factory is vertically integrated; the engineering, R&D, foundry, machining, assembly, testing and service/repair centers are all one entity. No outsourcing.

Having the same skilled workers produce these products steadily provides continuity that helps morale and quality. Using the resources of people, time, money, facilities and equipment efficiently by using them continuously is the best way to keep costs and prices low. And, when you continuously cast, machine, assemble and test, lead-times are shorter. We want you to see as few “zeroes” as possible in the “In Stock” column.

This is a business mentality not a “bean-counter” mentality. Volume makes for lower costs and prices and greater sales by making us more competitive. You have to have the items “On Hand” to “Supply” the uncertain needs of the customers. This is an upward spiral where everyone wins.

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