Complete ANSI Pump Parts Inventories

Others may be cutting their inventory, but we’re not. At (OHS), when we say “complete” inventories of ANSI pump parts, we mean it. It’s our objective to have as few zeroes in the “In Stock” column as possible. Every one of our five initial stocking warehouses will have every part we sell. And, if one warehouse has a zilch, we have four others to pull from. And with our overlapping second day ground footprints, there’s no delay.

Emergencies happen. You might need a pump part right now and your downtime can be hundreds of thousands of dollars an hour.  We’re in the “uptime” business. We can get into any warehouse 24/7/365 within two hours and get it shipped or ready to pick up. There’s a $200 fee for this. We just wanted you to know.

We’ve made the commitment to go to continuous manufacturing. This keeps quality high compared to running batch production. It keeps costs low by being more efficient. And, best of all, it creates an endless supply line of products so our internal replenishment time is much shorter.

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