Our 1st Class Packaging

Getting ANSI pump parts to you in 1-2 days ground or faster is not enough. We want you to receive the correct items undamaged and clearly identified, too. This is how OnHandSupply.com (OHS) does it:

  1. All OHS ANSI pump parts are provided in double-wall white corrugated cardboard boxes. No more “rice paper” boxes.
  2. All pump parts are foamed-in-place. This is the ultimate protection for these heavy, unwieldy items. Packages stand straight and can be stacked without leaning.
  3. All boxes are taped. You’ll know if the box has been opened.
  4. Labels are on multiple sides. You could lose one label but you won’t lose four of them!
  5. Bar codes and QR codes on all labels. These provide many benefits such as easier receiving, shelving, picking and inventorying. In addition, future shipments will have the detailed metallurgical analysis of the part imbedded into the QR code.
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