What is an OEM? What is an ANSI pump OEM? The acronym OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. However, its definition has many different interpretations. Let’s focus on ANSI pump manufacturers. The ANSI pumps and ANSI pump parts that sells are all made in one dedicated vertically-integrated factory. The engineering, pattern shop, foundry, machine shop, assembly and testing are all one entity. Yet the bearings are purchased (from SKF). PTFE and flexible graphite gaskets come from another company. Mechanical seals and packing come from other companies as do the Inpro bearing protectors.

When puts our name on a serial plate or invoice, we’re saying we stand behind the product. If another ANSI pump company like Goulds, Griswold or Summit puts their name on a serial plate, they are saying the same thing. They may be buying complete ANSI pumps made by others or buying ANSI pump parts made by others and assembling the pumps themselves. But, when they put their name on it, it is their goodwill and reputation on the line.

So, in the strictest sense, the OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, is the business that made the part initially. In practice, the term refers to the company whose name is on the assembly.

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