The ANSI B73.1 Process Pump

The ANSI Process Pump

The ANSI process pump is one of the most widely used centrifugal pumps in the US chemical process industry due to its versatility, modularity, brand interchangeability, and affordability.

ANSI Pump Definition

Dimensionally standardized pumps, as specified by ANSI B73.1 standards; a centrifugal, horizontal, end-suction, single-stage, back pull out pump with an overhung impeller that is modular and interchangeable - targeted primarily for the chemical process industry but used in many other industries and applications.

Most common pump type in use; utilizes a rotating impeller to fling liquid via centrifugal force.
A centrifugal pump where the process fluid enters into the casing directly into the impeller and fluid is discharged from the top at a 90 degree angle from the suction.
There are horizontal and vertical pumps. A horizontal pump is where the shaft is orientated horizontal to the ground.
Single Stage
Pump with only one impeller, usually for configurations that require less head.
Back Pull Out
Pumps designed to allow the casing to stay in the piping system, while the rest of the pump can be pulled away towards the motor for easier maintenance.
Overhung Impeller
Pump where the bearings are at one end of the pump and the impeller is at the opposite end. This impeller configuration is less stable than one with bearings on either sides of the impeller.

ANSI B73.1 Standard

ANSI is an abbreviation for American National Standards Institute. They set standards so that manufacturers, engineers, technicians and end-users can have confidence in the equipment being sold and used.

The B73.1 standard was established by ANSI so that pumps that adhered to the B73.1 standard can interchange between manufacturers and brands without making any changes to the base or piping. Before this standard existed, customers were stuck with their original pump manufacturer's prices, service, and delivery unless they were willing to make changes to the piping and bases. The standardization brought about more competition: better selection, prices, service, and delivery. As a result of these consumer advantages, the ANSI pump became a popular option in the United States.

What does this mean for you? If a pump adheres to the ANSI B73.1 Standard, this means that you have many options when choosing a supplier for a new or replacement pump. It means you don't have to change your piping system and base when replacing an ANSI pump with another brand. It means you can look on a chart and see what the dimensions of the pumping unit will be.

ANSI Dimensions Click the image to view the ANSI Standard Dimensions

ANSI Interchangeability

Interchangeability of ANSI pumps affords the end user the ability to choose from a large selection of manufacturers for a replacement pump. ANSI pump brands include the ANSI market leaders Goulds 3196, and the other major style of ANSI pumps, Flowserve's Durco Mark 3.

ANSI Pump interchangeability does not necessarily mean ANSI parts interchangeability. Goulds 3196 style of ANSI pumps are not identical to Flowserve's Durco Mark 3 style. Manufacturers, however, have made parts that could be swapped with the major brands of ANSI pumps in order to compete for market share. OnHandSupply's pump parts are interchangeable with the Goulds 3196 style, but not the Durco Mark 3 style.

You can use our part interchangeability table to find equivalent parts for Goulds 3196, Summit 2196, and Griswold 811.

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