OnHandSupply.com (OHS) provides replacement pump parts that are guaranteed to interchange with Goulds 3196, Summit 2196 and Griswold 811, our own OnHandSupply.com pumps and other providers of ANSI centrifugal pumps and parts.

These pump parts include impellers that are full-sized or trimmed. And all our impellers are dynamically balanced as well. In addition to impellers, we offer casings (volutes), rear covers (stuffing boxes), shafts and sleeves, adapters (frames, distance pieces), bearing housings and more. In addition, OnHandSupply.com builds bare pump assemblies.

Our five strategically located OnHandSupply.com warehouses are stocked with parts for all five small (STX) and all fifteen medium (MTX) sizes. We carry wetted parts (impellers, casings and rear covers) in both CD4MuN and CF8M stainless steel materials. We offer solid 316 stainless steel shafts and 4140 steel shafts that can be used with our 316 stainless steel sleeves.

Our normal ground delivery means parts in your hands in 1-2 days ground or faster to almost everywhere in the lower 48 states. Please see the map for details. ANSI pump parts ship from five stocking regional warehouses located in Ontario (California), Kent (Washington), Allentown (Pennslyvannia), Atlanta (Georgia) and Lenexa (Kansas).

We provide the following services for our ANSI pump parts and pumps:

  1. Trimming of impellers. Impellers are trimmed to give the optimal performance for each application. Cutting full-sized impellers down to size is a service we perform in-house to control quality and delivery.
  2. Dynamic balancing of all impellers, full-size and trimmed. We balance impellers and running gear up to 36” in diameter, 500 pounds and five feet long. ANSI centrifugal pumps have a built-in issue. The bearings are at one of the shaft and the impeller doing the work is at the other end, just like a fishing rod. And, just like a fishing rod, the shaft wants to bend, even if the pump is properly hydraulically balanced. An unbalanced impeller makes a bad situation worse.
  3. We offer quality “house brands” of mechanical seals, packing, couplings and coupling guards. If you want something else, we’re glad to provide it for you.

And we’re just getting started. Join the OnHandSupply.com (OHS) Advisory Board. Learn what we are planning to offer and tell us what you want and need. We’re listening to you to make OnHandSupply.com work for you.

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