About Our Company

Jeff Winkel

OnHandSupply.com (OHS) is an Internet fulfillment company for ANSI parts and pumps. We are headquartered just outside Kansas City, and we have inventory in several regional warehouses throughout the continental US.

My business partner and I spent several years developing a model aimed at improving the way ANSI pumps are bought and sold today. We interviewed buyers, engineers, maintenance supervisors and distributors to find out what was and wasn't working in the ANSI market. We also used our own experiences fixing and selling pumps to fix some of the frustrations associated with the process.

When your plant is down, every second counts. You don't have time to wait on a quote from your distributor, and you can't wait 1-2 weeks for that spare part to arrive. That's why we put our prices, inventory, and delivery options online. That's why we're long on inventory, while everyone else is lowering theirs. So when you're scrambling for that part to get your plant running, you can count on us to have it in stock and in your hands in 1-2 business days.

You also need a product you can trust, at the right price. With all the ANSI parts in the market today, it's hard to know what brands are trustworthy. OnHandSupply is a joint venture with Deep Blue Pumps, a global pump company capable of producing highly engineered pumps like the API 610. Partnering with the factory ensures that our parts are held to strict quality standards, and we can offer them to you without the middlemen markups.

A New Route to Market

OnHandSupply.com may be a new name, but it’s built on a decades-old industrial distribution foundation executed with 21st century technology. Our first priority remains building relationships with our customers through expertise, customer service, and quality products. One of the main vehicle for this is through leveraging our e-commerce platform to give customers full control of their buying experience.

We chose a different route to the ANSI market, atypical of the regional distributor model of Goulds and other ANSI pump manufacturers. The regional model has distributors, regional managers, resellers, reps, offices, headquarters and more built-in legacy costs and markups. There are often too many distributors in one area and none in another. Some do the job well, others don’t. And, none of them stock a single item more than they think they could turn in three months in their own back yard.

Since we are an internet company, we do things a little differently. Our products and services reach a global audience in a marketplace where businesses need to compete world-wide in price and good service. We need to be efficient to offer competitive pricing. Combined with the online ordering system, OnHandSupply strives to be the best and easiest ANSI vendor you ever worked with.

OHS Founders

Both partners have sold, fixed, built and modified pumps all their adult lives. Having worked in plants and having sold on the streets, they took all the concerns and complaints of their customers into consideration when designing the OnHandSupply business model.

Karel Minneboo is a principal in the factory that produces every ANSI pump part that OnHandSupply offers. Karel has staff and facilities on five continents, serving the world with over 44 different types of pumps. They employ over 2,000 skilled workers and their pattern shop, foundry, machining, assembly and testing are all under their own roof.

Jeff Winkel is the other partner in OnHandSupply. Jeff has owned an industrial distribution company for almost 40 years. He is a recipient of NASA’s Technology Exchange Award and a recipient of the Blue Chip Enterprise Award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for his use of technology in industrial distribution. He also was the founder of the International Sealing Distributors trade association.

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